Monday, September 26, 2005
posted 12:23am
"Dark Matter"
Well after five days of hard-core programming I've come out with the first full release of Dark Matter. I started to fill in the Gibson character, giving him a quest that causes a pretty cool fight. In doing so, I used a lot of flags and started to think that at this rate I'll use them all up before I get to the end game. So I finished it. Five long days, but in the end I've seen the beginning of the end of a project that I started over five years ago. Plus I can rock out to hard core Goth stations like EMB-Radio or Detroit Industrial Underground. Yeah, ya got to love a day of programming at my house. Even though it can be 12 hours long. Like today, I started program a new navbar for Dark Matter around noon, and look. It's 12:08 right now as I'm writing this, and all I did today was finish the navbar, write the last sequences for the game, and play tested it to make sure that the whole thing worked.

I'm tired, it's late, I hope it was worth it.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005
posted 4:36pm
"The Blog"
One man has really inspired me, and I don't know why. His work was ground breaking, and that can have an impact on anyone, but still there's something in his work that just calls to me. You could say he was the man that made Science Fiction hip. Gave it a style and edge that it never had before. The man, William Gibson, and you can find him popping up in different works of fiction of mine like Dark Matter, hanging out as a side character. Well I've been reading his blog, and I just felt that I needed to do the same sort of thing. The news page was barely getting used, and a blog is just an over exaggerated news page anyways. So I converted the site, and now have space to just rant.