Monday, October 3, 2005
posted 11:32pm
Well I started going through a bunch of Photoshop Tutorials recently, trying to learn the program so I can do my own graphics. I figure it doesn't matter how good of a programmer you are, if you don't have good graphics to program you have a limited game. Now I'm doing this with games like Dark City for the Amiga that is written using Haktar which I'll be releasing later. But to do the games I see in my head, I have to be able to translate that imagery into tangible artwork. In doing so I ran across a few tutorials on doing signature files up on Photoshop Lover. So today I spent a few hours working on my first one. I'm pretty happy with it, so I created a signature file page. Every time I come out with another one I'm gonna to put it up there. These things are cool. They can be used to sign your name in forums, or you can even use them in Outlook if you create the .htm file and then choose it in the signature picker under options. Believe it or not, this stuff isn't that hard, and anybody with Photoshop should give it a try. You never know what you might come up with.