Tuesday, December 20, 2005
posted 9:44pm
"End of the Year"
I think it's been a hell of a year for Infodarkness. First and foremost this blog was added to the website, along with the creation of the Black Forest site, and the completed release of Dark Matter. My Survivors of the Wasteland website got a whole new make over, and another 7 videos were added to the video section. That's right 7. I haven't uploaded Edward Scissorhands yet, but it is complete, and should be up by tomorrow. Finally, Dangertech Productions became featured under this site hosting their first short, Wet Mars.

I think overall a lot of work has been done to bring new content to this site, and I hope you've enjoyed it all. I'm planning on coming out with two more videos pretty quickly, so keep your eyes pealed for them.

'Til next year - Dark Star.