Saturday, January 28, 2006
posted 3:58pm
"End of the Month"
How's it going everybody? Well can you believe it, Januarys almost gone and I realized that I really haven't made any posts all month long. That's cause I've only been working on one thing, and that's Neverwhere, my U.A. Design. It's really coming along. I've even had a chance to work in some animation files of a bookcase revealing a door or a tunnel. Plus I found out that the program will run under Windows XP if the sound is configured properly, so when it does come out feel free to try it.

Now I do know that I said that I was planning on coming out with some more videos, and I have some really cool ideas, so just wait a little longer and I promise to get one of them out sometime in February.

Well, the dungeon is calling, and I must obey.

Ever populating it with demons and undead. :)

Monday, January 09, 2006
posted 7:23pm
"Happy New Year"
Happy New Year everybody! I hope the New Year is finding everyone well. I'm doing pretty good, I even had a chance this past weekend to work on a role-playing game that I haven't worked on in a long time: Neverwhere. It's a old style gold box game programmed in S.S.I.'s Unlimited Adventures. The game engine has a pretty large community that has created modules and hacks, allowing for a greater flexibility in the creation of my game. They are still active, and I can't wait until this game is released. I worked on it pretty hard over the weekend, finishing off the first dungeon level and polishing the city itself. The game now has depth, as the story starts to develop; and as I crawl through the dungeon gathering better stuff I find myself wanting to go on further to keep improving my characters. Sounds like a good sign to me.

Well, here are a few screenshots of what I'm talking about. Most of you don't have a Windows 98 System, so you'll probably never see it anyways :) Enjoy.