Friday, August 25, 2006
posted 09:26pm
"Across The Stars"
There's only been one thing going on this month, Across The Stars. With the deadline for the competition in 36 days and the one for the beta in 6, I've done nothing but work on the game. Finally coming to the point where you can play it, from the beginning to end; including an alternate ending. But now the real work starts. The polishing, the fine-tuning, all of that good stuff. I started putting automation in a few of the commands today to try and make some parts easier, but there's still a lot of work to do overall. There are a total of 149 NPC's, along with 6 main characters, so I've pulled them all down to their own section so I can rework their ask routines. Still proof reading, and then there are all the entries that need to be entered into the "book."

But it's all on schedule, even though I'm coming right down to the wire for the beta. My own fault really, ended up reworking a lot of the second act. Lost a lot of time. But I'm confident that it will go to beta on time, and that it will be a polished piece for the competition.

Keep your eyes open, there will be a new site come October from all of this - D