Sunday, February 11, 2007
posted 1:36pm
"A Brief Break From The Madness"
Well, as the band is taking a break this morning, I'm trying to get back to my blog. Finally! Oops, it's been awhile. Been busy lately, mostly with the band. We played out at the end of last month, and it was pretty well received. That's pretty good considering we did mostly originals, only 5 covers in two sets. Now it's time to learn the next two sets and we're starting to work in more covers. So during the week I'm trying to pick the songs up, and then practice them on the weekend with the guys. It's working out pretty good so far.

On top of that, I've been keeping up with Across The Stars, smoothing out all the code and filling in the last pieces of the game. It's taken a lot longer to develop than I thought, and this release will only cover a little more than a third of the game. Thinking about the other two thirds makes me want to cringe, and it will be awhile until we see the entire thing released. Hopefully the world won't end by then.

Still, in the back of my mind, the next video crying to get out. I need to make some time for this, but I can't wait to see it finished. I think that it will make a nice addition to some of the cartoon movies I've already cut as videos.

The last thing I'd like to say is, the BBS is not dead. It's just taken a lot of work to set it up, and with all that I've been doing, I haven't been putting a lot time into it. All of my Doors Games are working, even though Trade Wars still needs some tweaking, and the Mail/SMTP Servers are set up. The Telnet Verifier is throwing a bug, but once that's worked out there won't be a whole lot more standing in the way of the opening.

Until the Dream is realized - D