Wednesday, April 18, 2007
posted 1:43pm
"Frustrated Men"
A terrible thing happened to this country two days ago. Another shooting. This time with the highest death toll ever, thirty-three dead, including the gunman.

When something like this happens you can't help but ask yourself why, and the answer that he was mental just isn't good enough.

I believe we face a greater problem. We are raising a generation of frustrated men. I'm not saying all men are frustrated, but it only takes one out of twenty six thousand to do what we saw on Monday.

The sexually frustrated rape, the financially frustrated steal, and the really frustrated ones, the ones in which the anger consumes them, they murder. This generation is finding their way into jails at an alarming rate. This generation can't seem to hold a job, and this generation is having problems finishing college too.

Now it is not the purpose of this article to state why I think men are frustrated, that might start a flame war. But, I want you to ask yourself why there is this generation of frustrated men out there now. This is a problem that has crept up over the past thirty to forty years and we have to deal with its root cause.

Because if we don't address the root cause, this free society will cease to be free, more people will die, and they'll have to build the Death Valley Free Prison just to contain the madness.

- D

Sunday, April 08, 2007
posted 2:17pm
"Nav Bar Update"
Well ever since Microsoft came out with I.E. 7 it has completely messed up my navigation bar, and I like all those animated GIFs. So I've gone to a simpler design that looks better within the browser. God, why can't there be standards that people adhere to? But all crying aside, I think it came out pretty good.

Been surfing around the net and came across Game Boomers. It's an adventure site that covers a lot of graphical adventures with news about some of the latest games in development. They have reviews, interviews, and forums giving a lot of coverage to the genre, it's a pretty cool site.

Also the BBS is almost done. I thought that I could have it out by the first of the month, but that was an April fools joke on myself. Got the validation to work and I've started to set up the file area. I've decided that I want to host some abadonware, focusing on the 80's. It was the 80's when we dialed into our first BBS, played our first Gold Box Game, read our first copy of Dragon Magazine. I'm trying to capture that moment in time and share it the rest of you.

By the way, in setting up the BBS I've caused two programmers to update their code in order to run on the newer XP based systems. So I guess I am generating a small ripple within that community. :)

'Til she's up - D