Saturday, August 18, 2007
posted 12:48pm
"MC Frontalot"
Well last week I was surfing the web and ran across not only a great song, but an awesome video: It's Pitch Dark. MC Frontalot recorded a rap tune about text adventures, and it's hilarious. Plus, this guy is good. He sounds a lot like Eminem, and has a rich rhythm track going on. I had to become a Valued Sucker to get the video, but I believe in supporting people and picked up his album too. I think the video rocks. It was put together by Jason Scott, the man behind the text adventure documentary Get Lamp. The documentary I'm pretty excited about, and can't wait until it comes out. Also, he's shooting it in High Definition, so it will look great too.

Become a valued sucker like me, pay the five bucks, it's worth it - D

Sunday, August 05, 2007
posted 9:17pm
"Wasted Years"
Well Kevin just sent me his lastest karaoke tune and it kicks ass. It's a classic by Iron Maiden, off their Somewhere In Time album, Wasted Years. I loved this album when it came out, and saw the band twice on the tour in 1986 (once in Fresno, California and the other show here in Michigan.) Wasted Years happened to be the first video that was released for the album, and I can remember watching it back in the barracks of Lemoore on MTV. The interesting thing is this is the first single to be written by guitarist Adrian Smith alone. Dickinson is an amazing singer and I think Kevin does a great job hitting all the vocals, really pumping out that range.

Check it out, it's a classic tune that's well done - D