Monday, October 01, 2007
posted 9:35am
"IF Comp 2007"
The 13th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition has started, and you can download all the games from the official site: I'm also proud to announce Across The Stars has made it into this year's competition. It got a little crazy at the end, I must have lagged out the server myself, but we're very happy with the product that is available for download. There are a total of 29 games this year and a lot of them look really good. I can't wait to hear what the judges have to say about our game, and I'd like to see how we do against the other contestants.

And so the waiting begins. Forty-five days is a long time to wait for any feedback from the players, but I understand why the rules are in place and I agree with them. Who knows, maybe somebody will directly contact me and I won't have to wait forever :)

'Til November - D