Friday, March 7, 2008
posted 4:59pm
"Now he's a lich"
As we all know by now Gary Gygax died this week, I guess he missed his final saving throw, and it was a shock that rang out across many communities. His work touched so many lives directly or indirectly, and I will never forget the few times I've had a chance to play D&D, what an incredible game. A game that breaks so many barriers, like cooperative gameplay instead of head to head competition like chess, a character development system where players become stronger as they gain more experience, and of course there's always the encouragement of reading with thick volumes of lore about an ever expanding realm. When D&D offically came to the computer it was through SSI's AD&D Pool of Radiance (1988), and I'll never forget the hours of enjoyment mapping out the dungeons on graph paper so I wouldn't miss a secret room or an unexplored corridor. Growing up I never got in with a bunch of guys that played D&D, so this was my first real taste, so to speak, and it was so amazing that I completed it.

I still have a love of RPG's to this day, a love for taking a first level character and making him stronger one level at a time. This is truely the gift that Gary Gygax gave us, and so many others have followed in his footsteps, he was pure inspiration.

You will be missed - D