Saturday, April 26, 2008
posted 2:13am
Well April marks the 20th anniversary for Wasteland, a ground breaking game designed by Brian Fargo and his team over at Interplay, released through Electronic Arts. It took role-playing to a place never seen before on the computer, the post-apocalyptic radiated desert of Nevada, fighting off street gangs, mutated monsters, and crazed robots. A number of great sites have popped up over the years like The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid, The Desert Rangers Outpost, and my own site Survivors of the Wasteland, though the release date given on some sites is wrong. Computer Gaming World, March 1988, says "that the game is on the shelves by the time this preview hits the stands." And the April ad is here. So it's hard to say whether it came out in March or April of 1988, but by April they were advertising the game and soon afterwards it was being sold in the magazine by redistributors. So I think it's safe to say April.

Happy 20th Wasteland - D

Thursday, April 10, 2008
posted 3:36pm
Well I've finally finished the Pirates video. Being sick over the past few weeks hasn't helped, and deciding on how I wanted to kick the whole thing off caused me to sit on it for a while. But after cutting some of the parts I knew the shots for, the whole thing started to come together. I also wanted to enhance some of the audio, so that added a little to the prodution time too. I was hoping this one would be done by the end of Februray to go along with the Pirates of the Burning Sea post, but you gotta feel the video, not just slap shots together. And this one I felt. Not since my first video, Planet of the Apes, have the words matched the video so closely. I'm pretty happy with this one, and it's great having the footage from all three movies to work with.

I hope you enjoy it - D