Friday, September 26, 2008
posted 11:52pm
This month marks the 20th anniversary of Neuromancer, a game created by Interplay, loosely based on the book by William Gibson, and it was well designed. Take the PAX terminals for instance. They have accounts you can hack into, news alerts to read, BBS's to download software, and e-mail you can send, receiving responses. E-mail! Back in the day we were leaving public post on bulletin boards, not sending e-mail :)

The game also uses talk bubbles that you can toggle through until you find the right response, they even included some lines right out of the book. The coolest thing about the game is being able to enter Cyberspace, a geometric respresention of the dataspace layed out in a matrix. Artificially Intelligent nodes live within Cyberspace and must be fought with I.C.E. (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics.) On top off all of this, Devo's "Some Things Never Change" ended up on the soundtrack. And interestingly enough, it was Timothy Leary that brought the game idea and rights to Interplay in the first place.

This game is a classic science fiction rpg, that took some considerable risks. There's no killing, no combat, no character creation, and no magic or mosters. But if you're a fan of Gibson, or a science fiction enthusiast, I'm sure Neuromancer will have something to offer you.

- D

Sunday, September 21, 2008
posted 1:26pm
"A Vampyre Story"
Adventure Classic Gaming has ran an interview with Bill Tiller about his game, A Vampyre Story. Some of you might remember Bill from Full Throttle, and his new, highly anticipated, point and click adventure looks great. With full voiceovers, and a combination of 2D/3D graphics, the game should be an instant hit among adventure game enthusiasts.

The story takes place in the strange land of Draxsylvania, and centers around Mona; an opera singer turned vampire, and the struggles she goes through. The screenshots and the videos that are out look amazing, and the development team is already working on the sequel. A Vampyre Story is scheduled for a Halloween release date, and will be available for digital download, and purchasable in some retail outlets.

I canít wait - D