Friday, October 31, 2008
posted 7:48pm
"The Witcher"
Itís already Halloween, and Iíve been playing a lot of interactive fiction this month. The new site is almost ready, and Iíll have all of my reviews for IF Comp 2008 up there. Iíve also been playing The Witcher since the new Enhanced Edition came out.

This game is great. It has a deep story with plenty of side quests, and the graphics look even better in the Enhanced Edition. Itís also dark, with a soundtrack that echoes its gloomy atmosphere, and all the banter between characters is fully voice acted.

The game is based upon a series of fantasy short stories written by Andrzej Sapkowski, and you play Geralt of Rivia, an undead monster-hunter. The whole thing is built on Biowareís Aurora Engine, and it has a nice tutorial to get you going. You start off in the witcherís castle, fighting off a dark mage and his minions, and the combat is more than just clicking as fast as you can. You have three forms of fighting styles: fast, strong, and group; each working best depending on what type of monster/monsters youíre fighting, along with timing your strikes for maximum damage.

The story is told through five acts, with the player having some control over each act, building alliances and pissing off others. Your decisions affect the plot and ultimately the ending. Thereís even a sort of mini-game going on, where you can see how many women you can seduce, earning you a picture of them thatís been censored in the U.S. release.

Thereís an alchemy system built into the game, where the player has too collect a lot of herbs in order to make potions. The potions can do a number of things from slowing down time during combat to seeing in the dark. Youíll need to find certain books before you can start collecting some of the herbs, but it makes for a great addition to the game. Personally I've always loved some form of crafting.

This game has a dark atmosphere that runs throughout it, with choices that are never black and white. Citizens are corrupt, and the land is full of monsters, while loose women are always looking for a good time. Geralt himself is even a smart ass. Itís really an amazing game that takes RPGs to a new level, and shows a sort of depth that seems to be rarely seen within other games. If your computer can support it, and you like the darker side of things, you should check this one out. I highly recommend it.

- D

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
posted 5:42pm
"IF Comp 2008"
The Interactive Fiction Competition for 2008 has started, and the games can be downloaded here. I'm hoping to play through most of them and vote in the competition this year; I couldn't last year since I entered a game myself. I'm also planning on writing a review for each game I play and posting them up here when the competition is over. There's also going to be new section on the website to host all of this, with everything being done by the time the competition is over. So why not try out a few of the games yourself, some of them look really good.

- D