Friday, December 26, 2008
posted 5:46pm
"End of the Year"
Well this month just flew by, but I guess December is kind like that. What with all the shopping, birthdays, and holiday get-togethers it seems like a non-stop blur. I even finished up The Future Of The Internet - And How To Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain. On top of that I had two computers go down, which cause me to back everything up on a 1.5 terabyte hard drive along with blowing out both operating systems, and I even reworked the navbar for the website.

Ever since I started seeing these updating tabbed navbars, I felt it would go great with the site. Not only is it a neat effect, but also gives me even more room to expand, allowing for new sections like the Electronia page. But the whole site has been optimized for Internet Explorer, a big mistake. I just looked at it the other day using Firefox and I see there's still some more work to do, because of the differences within the browsers. I thought that using CSS would take care of this problem, but even though some of the pages look alike, others are just unreadable.

So it seems the work never ends around here, and I have a bit more to do to clean up the site; plus I'm still trying to come out with the next release for Across The Stars and the website that will support it. God, I don't know where I'll find the time. Iím even trying to squeeze in a few of the new books I got for Christmas, like Dungeons & Desktops and Accidental Empires. So the hectic state won't be abating any time soon, but when it's all done, there should be a few more things for people to play around with.

'Til next year - D