Monday, September 7, 2009
posted 10:46pm
"Another Great Read"
Tonight I finished up Cowboy Fengís Space Bar and Grille by Steven Burst. This is the third book that Iíve read by Steven and I love everything I've read so far. In Cowboy Fengís we find it narrated by Billy, a banjo player that stayed late one night after playing a set only to end up jumping through time whenever a nuke takes out the planet they happen to be on. The author captures what if feels like to be a musician in this book. He mustíve hung with a few bands, and he did write an album with Adam Stemple that was recorded by Boiled In Lead. The whole thing went along with his release of The Gypsy, another great read. Also, his characters in this book just feel so real, with dialog that is spot on and punchy. The scenes he creates will stick with you, and he weaves in a love interest with Souci that becomes an undercurrent of tension right up to the end.

Cowboy Fengís Space Bar and Grille is a fairly quick read coming in under 300 pages, and has been a highly recommend book over the years for good reason. The characters are vibrant, the dialog is strong, you have guns, explosions, nukes, and the end of the world, what more could you ask for? Thereís even a bit of a twist. Itís all there making for a great read, and if you do stop by the bar, make sure to try out the matzo ball soup.

- D

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