Friday, October 2nd, 2009
posted 7:06pm
I love this month, what can I say. The air gets cool, the leaves finally change, and evil almost becomes tangeable as October wanes. And to kick it all off we get a bunch of new IF as the 15th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition gets under way. The comp did seem to start a little late though, the games weren't available until late last night, but the package did come with Comp09.z5, a file containing each game's information which was release a little late last year too. In all there are only 24 games, and I hope they're a little longer than last year's with a bit more depth, since last year it was the Year of the Short Game.

It will be interesting to see how this new set plays out, and I have high hopes. It doesn't look like there are any named authors other than Eric Eve, but it looks like there are a few collaborations, and those might be some solid games. I had a real good experience working with Peter on Across The Stars, and I know he helped make it a better game. Hopefully we'll see the same affect here, and I'll be finding out, I'm starting to play through them tonight. I'll post my reviews at the end of the competition.

- D

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