Across The Stars: The Forgotten Colony

In the year 5367 IR humanity is well established throughout the galaxy. It has been over twenty thousand years since the Zal'tacs passed through our solar system, trading their technology for our food and resources. The ambassador that first greeted the aliens put himself in a position to be the sole representative for all cultures. In doing so, he acquired personal technology that has kept him alive throughout the millennia.

In Across The Stars you serve the Xulthe'en Empire aboard a deep-space survey scout. Your mission is simple enough, locate any inhabitable planets and report them back to the IPN. But nothing. Just dead planets plagued by global warming, or ones whose atmosphere ran amuck only to boil off into space. This is starting to feel pointless, and after weeks of isolation you're beginning to wonder if you have what it takes to serve the Empire.

Prepare to set off on a new adventure as you travel Across The Stars.


This role playing game is a Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventure module. In this goldbox style SSI game, Neverwhere plunges you into the depths of a dungeon crawl. This module comes with a party, but starts with first level characters.

Told about a town not on any of the maps, the party finds themselves trapped in a city by a spell put upon the gates. A city that speaks in a strange language and is home to unusual people.

Unravel the mystery as you search for you freedom in Neverwhere.

Dark City

A text adventure written in Haktar, under the Amiga operating system. This game was first started back in 1992, and is the oldest game that I've programmed and still have the code for. Using code from the original game disks, re-writing the beginning, and adding to the adventure that was already there; Dark City takes you into a surreal world of a city in ruin. Someone has been shot, a detective. But on a note you find on his body, not only do you find out who shot him, but you find out it was you. The adventure that unfolds has you crawling through every crevice in Dark City; finding strange people, and things not to be spoken of.

A nightmare awaits, in the Dark City.


"The Messenger"

A period piece that will take place in France when the Germans invade and take over Paris in June, 1940. Or due they? Yet another gothically crafted movie that asks us where death ends, from the mind of Dark Star. The cast will be 9 people, and casting has begun for the film. This movie will be shot on digital video. The location for the shoot is the woods of Michigan, outside of Detroit.

This movie will be approximately 25 minutes.