The Absolute Worst IF Game in History

Dean Menezes (2008)

The Absolute Worst IF Game in History is a pretty worthless piece. It has no story and is nothing more than a big maze. There are random deaths, and it does some strange things in the code. I think that the author was just trying to annoy players with this entry. Maybe it should be called The Absolute Most Annoying IF Game in History.

The maze itself is poorly handled, with no dead ends at either the north point or the south. You can go east into a dead end, but you can't get out by going west; and you can go down the entire maze doing this. So it seems as if the maze is a collection of rooms, where you can loop through some of them, or get stuck in others, but it's really not a maze at all.

The author is clearly looking for 1 here, and I obliged him. This probably isn't the worst game in IF history, but I figure it will be the worst game in this competition. It's certainly worth skipping.