Byzantine Perspective

Lea (2009)

This game lost me up front. It seems to break the rules of physics as your hand passes through objects and you seem to walk through walls. Trying to go through some doors I found impossible, and open rooms where block off by invisible walls. In the end none of this was explained. Without being able to understand the rules of the game world, it becomes impossible to play, so I turned to the walkthrough hoping that by the end of the game I would find some sort of justification.

The walkthrough got me started so I could wander around a bit, but nothing got any better. I couldnít even read the note in my pocket for some reason, even though I was under dim light. So I went pretty much straight off the walkthrough after that.

There does seem to be one puzzle in the game, but I donít know how the player is supposed to solve it. Itís handled pretty badly. In the game you find a code, which is fine, but you have no idea where to enter it. There doesnít seem to be any device to operate. When I did solve it off the walkthrough I had no idea where I actually entered it into. Itís just another strange room, and Iím left was asking myself, how did I really open that vault?

I scored this game a 3. After playing all the way through I still didnít understand the strange surreal setting, and after reading some of the other reviews I guess you either got this game or you didnít. Not only was the name lost on me, but also the overall strangeness just made no sense in a cat-burglar type of game. And if you are going to go surreal, at least explain the rules to your players somehow. So they donít feel lost in your world.