Richard Bos (2009)

Eruption is a straightforward game that doesnít try to be much, and according to the authors notes thatís what heís aiming for. The puzzles arenít too hard and the story is pretty thin, but I didnít run into any bugs other than an annoying lack of spacing between paragraphs. Iím not sure why beta testers wouldnít have mentioned it.

After reading the ABOUT the author seems to be aiming for the middle, though Iím not sure what point is. The way I see it, any short game with a beginning, middle, and end is what people are looking for in the competition. So at least with me an average story, average writing, and easy puzzles are going to place you in the middle. The overall number of good games verses bad game will be where you place in the competition, but you would get a 5 out of me no matter what. I donít judge games against each other I judge them on their own merit.

There might be a lot of games in the IF comp that arenít worth playing, I recommend games that I score an 8 or above on. But submitting a game to see where it places on the bottom is kind of strange. With a story that really goes nowhere, what do you expect?