Escape from the Underworld

Karl Beecher (2008)

Escape from the Underworld is a humorous game, with slightly difficult puzzles, that promises more game play than you would expect from a 106k file. The implementation could've been better, but it doesn't detract from the game, and running around in this comical version of Hell is fun.

You find yourself playing Bobby T. Minion, a pint-sized demon that's fed up with torturing souls and looking for a way out of Hell. The story has an amusing touch that turns the Infernal Regions into a standard workplace, with motivational posters and all.

The puzzles were a little hard for me, but everything worked with the setting. I only got stuck on a few points, and the walkthrough got me right through. But I think the game could have been implemented a little deeper. I had some problems with the verbiage on a few puzzles that could have been handled better. Also, I did find some missing scenery.

The game did end up bugging out on me running it under the latest version of Gargoyle, which is a little old by now, so I would suggest using the latest version of WinFrotz to play it. There are similar problems on the Mac.

But all in all this is a great game, having a perfect length for the competition; taking me almost two hours with some of the problems I ran into. It promises more installments, so I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us. I gave this game an 8.