Everybody Dies

Jim Munroe, illustrated by Michael Cho (2008)

Everybody Dies is a stylish piece, with strong language, some artwork, and a story line that makes for an enjoyable game. There's a lot of polish, and it seems very intuitive, but there are a few bumps here and there.

The game is played from a few different points of view, allowing you to see the world through each character's eyes. The writing is stylish, though it's a bit strong in some places, but it creates a tone that works and doesn't get out of control. It also has some artwork thrown in, setting up each set piece, that helps add to the overall flavor.

It is missing certain bits of scenery though, and the game could use a few more synonyms, but it doesn't suffer too much by this. The game play is bottlenecked by certain puzzles where you control another character other than the one you're currently in. This felt a little off and I had to turn to the walkthrough. Reworking this would really smooth out the game.

This is a great entry that I had a lot of fun playing, even though it's a little short. It's well written and very stylish, but some bits could be improved. Most of it is very intuitive though. If you have a free hour or so, you should check it out. This one might stick with you.