Anonymous (2008)

Freedom seems to be a game trying to make a point. It's written from the point of view of a person suffering from social anxiety disorder. But the sparse writing, poor structure, and under implementation only get in the way.

You start off trying to get through an ordinary day, with a simple list to work off of, but it's not clear how to achieve your goals. The game gives no direction to go in, and trying things out of sequence leads to some strange responses. Overall, there's not a lot of agency here. It even expects you to do something that to me would be considered inappropriate in a real life situation, so I'm guessing it wasn't even beta tested.

This game lacks on a number of levels. The writing is poor, scenery isn't there, the walkthrough is needed to get through any puzzle, and there's practically no agency. The game is short, but all I did is struggle with it. You might not want the hassle.