Timothy Peers (2010)

Heated, another my apartment game, whatís there to say. I wish the author watched Get Lamp. He would at least have an idea of how the community is going to receive a game like this. So you start off waking up in bed with the alarm going off as the noise begins to grate on your nerves. You better turn that damn thing off before your blood pressure hits the roof.

The goal here is to get to work early with the clock ticking away in the background. Because itís timed, I found myself restarting quite a bit until I had unlocked the beginning and then I started saving often. As you go through the game doing certain things will raise your Heat (anger level), while others will cool it off. It sounds like a neat concept, but I didnít really see it in action with all the restarting I did. On paper it looks like a great idea, but in practice people will do everything to get around it.

The gameís tech is solid, itís built on I7, but it did come back with some strange responses at times - a problem Iíve noticed with the latest version of Inform - and some of the verbs are limited on certain puzzles. I also found a LOOK INSIDE bug. Under the gameís notes it says that looking and examining take no in-game time. But looking inside stuff does. I question who actually tested this game. No one is credited.

And there you go, a my apartment game thatís going to go over like a lead balloon. Iím sure the author thought he was being original, and that people would think his game is neat. But the real answer here is he has probably played through very few modern era games and has no idea what the community is expecting. I donít think this game will do very well.