Interactive Fiction Competition 2008

I had a lot of fun playing through the competition this year, and I’d like to thank all the authors for the hard work they put into their games. I tried to review each game from a technical standpoint, trying to help the authors create better games. I have transcripts for all the games I played, if your entry could generate one, and if the author would like to see it, I’d be more than happy to send it along. I did feel that a lot of the games this year were too short, but I really enjoyed the ones that were fully flushed out; and if your entry didn’t have any technical errors, my review was kind of brief. If you want to see the full results for the competition they're here.

10 - Afflicted by Doug Egan
10 - Buried in Shoes by Kazuki Mishima
10/9 - Nightfall by Eric Eve
9 - Piracy 2.0 by Sean Huxter
9/7 - A Date with Death by David Whyld
8 - Berrost's Challenge by Mark Hatfield
8 - Escape from the Underworld by Karl Beecher
8 - Everybody Dies by Jim Munroe, illustrated by Michael Cho
8 - Grief by Simon Christiansen
8 - April in Paris by Jim Aikin
8 - Cry Wolf by Clare Parker
8 - Snack Time! by Hardy the Bulldog and Renee Choba
8 - Opening Night by David Batterham
7 - Trein by Leena Kowser Ganguli
7 - The Lucubrator by Rick Dague
7 - Channel Surfing by Mike Vollmer
6 - Red Moon by Jonathan Hay
5 - When Machines Attack by Mark Jones
5 - Project Delta: The Course by Emilian Kowalewski
4 - Magic by Geoff Fortytwo
4 - Riverside by Drew, Jeremy, and Vic
3 - Violet by Jeremy Freese
3 - Anachronist by Joseph Strom
3 - Recess at Last by Gerald Aungst
2 - Dracula's Underground Crypt by Alex Whitington
2 - A Martian Odyssey by Horatiu Romosan, music by Thom Brennan
2 - Freedom by Anonymous
2 - LAIR of the CyberCow by Harry Wilson
2 - The Ngah Angah School of Forbidden Wisdom by Anssi Räisänen
2 - The Search for the Ultimate Weapon by Sharilynn
2 - The Lighthouse by Eric Hickman and Nathan Chung
1 - The Hall of the Fount of Artois by Simon Ellis
1 - Nerd Quest by Gabor di Mooij
1 - The Missing Piece by C. Young
1 - The Absolute Worst IF Game in History by Dean Menezes