Interactive Fiction Competition 2018

I'm playing through the parser games from this year's competition. I'm a parser author, and I enjoy parser games, so I'm not playing games that are choice based. This year I decided to write reviews for the games I'm playing. I played and voted in last year's competition, but didn't write anything up. I always enjoyed reading all the reviews I could find for my game, good or bad, so I thought I'd review the ones I'm playing.

To vote in the competition you only need to play 5 games and score them. That's what I did in last year's competition, but I did find a few that I wouldn't play. So they got no score, and then rated the 5 that I did enjoy. Unless I play through all of them, that's what I try to do. Find games I'm going to enjoy, instead of playing through a bunch I don't like. That burned me out in past competitions. So I cherry-pick the games based on blurbs, genre, and authors.

These are the ones that I've played through so far - D

*** These reviews have light spoilers ***

  8 - Charming by Kaylah Facey
  8 - Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303 by Victor Gijsbers
  8 - Border Reivers by Vivienne Dunstan
  7 - Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! by Mike Carletta
  7 - The Origin of Madame Time by Mathbrush
  6 - Tethered by Linus Åkesson
  6 - Diddlebucker! by J. Michael
  4 - The Temple of Shorgil by Arthur DiBianca
  3 - Eunice by Gita Ryaboy
  No Rating - Alias 'The Magpie' by J. J. Guest