The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man

Hannes Schueller (2009)

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man is based on the idea of getting revenge on your co-workers, because you're so much smarter than they are and youíre not recognized for it. This feels like childish reasoning, and it really doesnít play out that well in a game with lackluster writing.

This piece is fairly well implemented, I only ran into a few glitches, but there are some problems with how it handles grammar. I tried doing something as simple as THROW PIZZA OUT DOOR, but the game didnít understand this at all. I tried several times but nothing, I had run out of almost everything to do so I turned to the walkthrough. For some reason I was suppose to type THROW PIZZA OUT and then wait for the game to prompt me where to throw it. This doesnít make any sense under the normal grammar rules for Inform 6, so Iím wondering where the I7 implementation broke down. Besides that I had a problem with the game spilling out a lot of background text when I tried to enter the bossís office, like I had entered it, but the door was still locked to me.

I did liked the mail puzzle even though I didn't figure it out myself, it made sense. But the game isn't clued at all, and the envelopes are buried, so even though I knew I need the badge to get into the lab, I had no idea how to do it. That's where hinting and prodding comes in, something this game sorely needed. In the end you walk around lost, wondering what to do next. That really should never happen.

I scored this game a 4. By the end the whole thing felt pointless. Oh, I got some revenge, Iím a bad ass now. The writing is blah, and it has no memorable imagery in it. I canít recommend this game, it's just too hard to get through.