The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep

Ben Pennington (2010)

In Lost Sheep you play the role of a shepherd who has lost one of his flock. Naturally you run off to look for him, why the other 99 stay in place must be a miracle, and while finding him might be easy, heís a little hard to get your hands on. The game is broken into two sections, the first being centered around exploration while the second becomes linear, not encouraging much experimentation.

This is a small game that uses a limited number of rooms. Itís supposed to be a light-hearted adaptation of the parable, but the writing lacks any kind of passion and I didn't find it funny. Getting a laugh out of someone is hard, and this game is no Lost Pig. The other problem is with the puzzles. They arenít clued at all. There arenít a lot of them, but they bottleneck the game.

Well, thereís not much here, but the game is stable and everything works. It can stand up to a good thrashing, meaning it was tested pretty well, but the overall thing feels like a coding exercise; where someone finds programming IF for the first time but doesnít put in the work to make a really good game. Whatís there is solid, but nothing to sink your teeth into. Itís just too thin.