The Lucubrator

Rick Dague (2008)

In The Lucubrator you play Alice, a recently transformed zombie that has to escape her creators. There are some challenging puzzles here, even a little too challenging, but it's really fun to play the undead. Some of the coding is a little weak, with a lot of double spacing problems that seem pretty strange, and the generic verb responses really need some updating.

The game is pretty short, told over six rooms, but I found it really fun having to escape and the kill my captors. Some of the NPC's reactions are a little tame, I felt that Jeff should have been more aggressive, and for being a game with so much violence, the standard 'Violence isn't the answer to this one' seems very misleading. Also, some of the puzzles are a little too hard. You have to guess the correct verb in the beginning to get past one, and the final fight at the end was so specific that I had to turn to the walkthrough. Even though this game was beta tested, I think a little more testing would have gone a long way.

I actually liked this game a lot, even though I scored it pretty low. I gave it a 7. The game play was really fun, but the code needs to be improved, the story is a little thin, and the puzzles were just a little too hard. It won't take you long to get through, so if you have a little extra time, try this one out; because it's always fun to play a brain eating zombie.