Sara Dee (2010)

In this game you play Mite, a pixy thatís about to set out on his first adventure as he trips a burglar, finding the Princeís flawless jewel. With a sling made by your father, you hoist the gem onto your back, setting out for the Castle. This is a light heated adventure that might be appropriate for some children to play, thought I noticed a bit of violence going on.

When I first started playing this game I thought that it would be great for young kids, you have that kid like fantasy world going on here. But as I played through it, I just felt that there was too much violence in it for the game to get a G rating. It didnít have any instance deaths, so the PC never died, but having to kill a spider, hurt a snail, and attack a goblin seemed a little harsh in something that I felt could have been targeted towards kids.

The game takes on an interesting perspective, with you being only a small little pixy, and I felt all of this was handled real well. The world is almost perfectly modeled for it. But I did run into some problems. The biggest one was with the bridge. I knew where it was after talking to someone, so I tired putting pollen on the tile to reveal the bridge. But the game didnít understand this. It made sense to me, and I got stuck on it. The solution is similar, but having to look at a bridge that isnít even there first really rubbed me the wrong way. I also had trouble with the goblin. The idea of attacking him was the farthest thing on my mind. Heís a nasty goblin and could probably eat a little pixy like me, so I wasnít pleased about that solution either.

Except for a few things I liked this game. The writingís good, it wasnít too long, and there were no real errors to speak of. But I feel that thereís a disconnect between the G rated world and some of the PG rated actions. Also, a few design problems need to be tweaked. I scored it an 8.