Trap Cave

Emilian Kowalewski (2009)

After seeing the Node-X client last year I was really looking forward to Trap Cave, but when I ran the program I found that the English translation wasnít finished and it would be better to use the German version. I wanted to quit right there, I donít speak German, and I donít want to get half way through a game only to find the story stops because I didnít understand the language.

I ventured forth anyways, and the first thing I noticed is it took a long time to run the NXI file. The author says something about needing UPX to pack the client, but I donít see the need for a small executable on the client side unless the author is trying to hide his code. Look at Gargoyle, itís a big file and everybody uses it.

When I did load the game it didnít take long until everything was in German, I got one room description along with choices that were in English. So I canít rate this game. It might be good, a quick little romp with clear choices, maybe with not a lot of replay value, but fun.

Since itís in another language I canít experience it. Hopefully the author will take the time to translate it even though the competition is over. Iíve always thought that Node-X had some real possibilities, with the ability to affect the simulated world. Now Iíd really like to see something in action.