Well I've gone on to create 3 more videos in the past 3 weeks. The Crow, Road Warrior, & Heavy Metal 2000. I also came out with The Black Forest which is a adventure module designed to work with the Neverwinter Nights game system created by Bioware. You can find it under the RPG Section.
Hope you enjoy the new additions - D.


    And the road travels ever on. It looks like after 4 years in the making, the production company that started in New York, will relocate to Michigan for good. Not to say that we won't do any productions in New York, it is just cheaper to run the company from Michigan. Also, I've uploaded the Queen of the Damned Video, and I might start working on the Road Warrior Video next.


    Infodarkness Productions is now setup in New York City focusing on Web Development and Video Production. The Queen of the Damned video is coming out soon, and I'm getting ready to do a video of Road Warrior edited to a local group from around here. I hope you've enjoyed everything so far, and keep looking for the Darkness within the Darkness... Infodarkness.


    Well I uploaded three videos in the last week. Lost Souls, Heavy Metal, & Rollerball. All of them were created in the week and a half, and Lost Souls was done in eight and a half hours from encoding to finished .mpeg. It seems that I can cut these videos together pretty fast so I'm trying to turn out another 17. I would love to see total of 30 videos plus. Looks like I'm going to have to redesign the video page.


    Uploaded two more videos today. Escape from New York, which is a video I've been working on slowly over the past few months, and You Don't Know Jack which is a movie that Allen Wilbanks made. I also acted in it. I got a few more vids from the past I'm gonna upload, plus I'm going to be editing the "Guitar Strings" video soon. Can't wait to upload them. Hope you enjoy. :)


    Uploaded the Whispers Video today. This video was shot in New York, and was edited in Brooklyn. Billy Syvertsen directed and acted in the video. Michael O'Connell shot and edited the video. Kyran was the video chick. The music was written by Mike and Billy, with Billy singing and Mike playing guitar.


    The Production Company has moved to Detroit, Michigan. With everything that has happend with 9/11 in New York City, I just couldn't afford to live there anymore so we had to relocate to Michigan. This doesn't mean that we are quiting. We are going to continue to produce high quailty music, videos and games for all to enjoy. Take a look around, I hope you like what you see.


    On an up note, I added a Sound Page where their are clips from some of my Favorites Movies, some practically entire scenes. On a down note, due to lack of funding we must postpone production of "The Messenger." Maybe next year guys.


    Infodarkness now has the ability to edit video. With a new computer and a video capture card I am now able to render video to my hard drive, and edit it using Adobe Premiere. I have also encoded the video so it will stream off of this web site to your computer at home. I hope you like the clips that I've put together.


    Well I guess the big news is that we now have a website, Infodarkness. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and now I finally did it. It's a cool thing starting your own website. If you don't have one, try it.