Wednesday, June 07, 2006
posted 10:41pm
Well, I decided to take some time off the Interactive Fiction Project to finally finish my next video, Firefly. Using the footage that came out of the complete series, fourteen episodes in all, I rendered an hour and half of footage to my hard drive. That's why it took so long to release this video. The footage is cut to Bon Jovi's, Wanted Dead or Alive, and I ended up finding some awesome shots that I think you'll enjoy. I've also been listening to some pretty cool gothic music, so much that I feel that I want to put together a radio station. I'm starting to decide what the playlist is going to be, and going through the process of rendering all the songs I need. It might take a month or two in total to get the whole thing running, but good things are on the way.

Enjoy the new vid - D