Sunday, September 17, 2006
posted 12:13pm
"The Final Days"
Well a lot has been done this month, so much I haven't had any time to write about it. Across The Stars went to beta on time, and a few testers have gone through the entire thing. The biggest change to the game at this point is, almost 72% of the game has been removed. That's the entire space station. It's been decided that the game needed to be cut for three reasons. First, cutting it down to the first two acts will allow players to complete the game within the two-hour time limit that is set for the competition. Second, it gives me another six months to clean up the third act for Spring Thing 2007. And third, it gives me the "k" needed to keep these games as z-code files. Before the spilt the file was at 500k with the third act needing to be cleaned up, and a room and an object still needed to be added. With only 12k left, that would have been just about impossible. So with this new decision, I hope that I put out a better game, and a more enjoyable experience. Plus, the possibility of merging the two files into one big Glulx does exists.

- D

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