Thursday, October 26, 2006
posted 4:56pm
"What type of vampire are you?"
I ran across something today that I just had to share with you all. It's a site that asks you a few questions about what type of vampire you'd think you'd be, and comes up with a report. We've seen this for a long time now, centered on all sorts of subjects. I was just kind of blown away by what it said about me. It labels me as a Dark Vampire, and I have to admit that I am rather dark. It would be a cool feature if you could click on all the other types of vampires and check them out too. The artwork is really nice. If you want to run your own report the website can be found here.

Enjoy - D

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Friday, October 20, 2006
posted 10:13pm
"Iron Maiden"
On Tuesday I got a chance to see Iron Maiden as they make their way through the states on their latest tour: A Matter Of Life And Death. I picked up their new album right when it came out, and I've been listening to it a lot. I think it's an awesome album, and I've gotten into almost every song. So when I heard tickets were on sale, I went out that day and got two of them so I could check out the show with Kevin. I have seen so many Iron Maiden shows with him it's not even funny. OzzFest last year, the Brave New World tour, and many more going all the way back to Piece of Mind in 1983. But to my surprise the band went through the entire album on stage, not even working in any of their older material. I was really shocked by this. During the Brave New World tour they did the first three songs off the album, then started to work in the older stuff, going back to Brave New World every now and then. But with this tour it was the entire album straight through, then two songs at the end: Fear of the Dark, and Iron Maiden, before the encore of: The Evil That Men Do, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and Two Minutes to Midnight. But that was it. Everybody there was expecting more from them, and even booed them when they didn't come out for a second encore. What I don't understand is why they didn't work in the older songs after the first three, like with the Brave New World tour. I watched the couple next to me get up and leave because they didn't know any of the material. My buddy was disappointed too. Even though he liked the new stuff, he really wanted to hear some of the older stuff, like Die With Your Boots On, or Children of the Damned. I think Maiden should really look around and see who is coming to their concerts. They're an older band, and it's going to be an older crowd. While the crowd doesn't mind the new stuff, they expect to hear the older stuff.

But at least I enjoyed the show :)

- D

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
posted 8:36pm
"Across The Stars"
Well the deadline for the competition has passed, and Across The Stars did not make it into the comp. But some good things did come out of this. I've started working with Peter Mattsson on a collaboration effort to create interactive fiction. The first product we are working on is Across The Stars. The game has been cut in half, and is going through a rewrite. At the same it's being heavily play tested, and all sorts of little things are being worked out. I know that this will make for a better product. The first beta test now looks more like an alpha test since the game has gone through so many changes, and once we come up with a really solid game, it will enter the first phase of beta testing. This is all really exciting stuff, and it's awesome that I'm a part of it. It's something I've dreamed about, and now I'm taking the first real steps in IF writing.

I'll keep you posted on the games development, stay tuned - D