Wednesday, December 27, 2006
posted 9:16pm
"Merry Christmas"
Merry Christmas all, I hope the holidays are treating you well. I was pleasantly surprised this year, and came away with some nice stuff. I got "From Reel to Deal", which is a great book for independent movie producers; can't wait to read it. Also got some nice books about Interactive Fiction, and picked up a book about writing horror with my Grandmothers Gift Card. Even though Across The Stars isn't finished yet, I already know that I want to write a horror story next, and this book was just calling to me. I had to get it.

I had a chance to get some movies too, using Gift Cards. I Picked up A Scanner Darkly and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. The great thing about A Scanner Darkly is that I've figured out my next video, and it's going to use this movie. Then the next video you'll probably see come out of here will be my band's music video. By spring we'll probably step outside and shoot one with the equipment that I got, should be pretty fun.

Sorry I didn't do any posting this month, but you know how the holidays can get. Oh yeah, one more thing. Keep an eye out for a new BBS I'm going to be opening up during the first of next year. Don't know what I'm going to host on it right now, I'm really planning on using it for Doors Games and try to bring back some of that 80's nostalgia.

Enjoy the Season - D