Friday, September 07, 2007
posted 9:24pm
"A Scanner Darkly"
Finally, I made good on my promise to come out with a video before the IF Comp, and this one pops! A Scanner Darkly was a movie that was adapted from a Philip K. Dick novel. Like most things by Dick, it's a little slow and introspective. I'm not saying this is bad, I love it here and I loved it in Blade Runner, but I don't know that slow and introspective makes for a good video that pops. Boy was I wrong. I went into making this video with a good idea of what I wanted, but didn't know if I could really pull it off. Well check out the video and see for yourself.

And a great video needs a great song. I love this one, Hello (Rock Remix) by Poe. I can remember when I heard this for the first time. I was staying in a youth hostel in Manhattan and I had this little radio. I was tuned into K-Rock one night and this song comes on the station, like the voice of an Artificially Intelligent computer looking for me. It was kind of surreal, but that whole month was.

I've always wanted to put this song to a video, but it had to be the right movie, one that could help echo the imagery of the song. In A Scanner Darkly I found that movie, and for being a year between videos, I think this one was worth the wait.

- D