Wednesday, May 28, 2008
posted 9:16pm
"The Rebirth Of Grue"
Well I found a great article about IF. It's up on Adventure Classic Gaming, and it not only covers the commercial era but the independent era as well, giving plenty of examples of newer games that have risen to the top of the community like Galatea, Photopia, and Floatpoint. It also touches on some of the IF Tools that are out there like Graham Nelson's Inform 7, but only briefly mentions TADS and HUGO.

I love to see IF getting coverage like this, not just Infocom and all those old school games, but the independent scene and everything that it has to offer. It's one thing to reminisce about the old days, maybe seeing if you can still get through Starcross or The Lurking Horror. But it's another to be able to create, and then share, a part of your imagination in the truly unique mimesis of IF.

Enjoy the article - D

Saturday, May 17, 2008
posted 7:44pm
"The Apple II"
I've always loved the Apple II, it was the first computer I started programming on back in the early 80s. Some great memories there, and now that can be relived on a free emulator I've found, AppleWin. You don't need any Roms to get it going, very user friendly, and I've set up a dev environment, creating a blank disk where I can save my programs off to. I've picked up the Apple II: User's Guide from e-bay for real cheap; it reminds me a lot of the old book that taught me everything I know about Apple Basic, this might even be that book, and it's turning out to be great reference material; covering all the commands and giving plenty of sample programs to type in, which further emphasize the lessons they are teaching. Another resource I've managed to find is the Nibble ISO set, giving me access to the magazine's programs in pdf format. Each program can be printed out, typed in with a text editor, and pasted right into AppleWin. This technology only seems to be getting better, and I'm thinking about using it in a video someday.

Hopefully something will come of it - D