Wednesday, February 25, 2009
posted 8:27pm
"You Won't Change"
Last November D-A-D, a band I found when I was living outside of Redondo Beach, released their 10th album, and their first video: You Won't Change, is now up on YouTube. I remember rocking out to this band in my Camero, driving along the California highways, finding my way down to the beaches of Laguna. It was a surreal time.

After all these years, the band still has it. They've kept that classic sound of a hollow western guitar layered over a steady rock beat, as Jesper Binzer's vocals ring out. Looks like I'll need to order Monster Philosophy from Europe, but it's great to see this band still cranking out tunes.

Speaking about bands, I've started playing bass with a few guys from around here that are looking at doing some orginal, straight up, rock based stuff. Driving sort of stuff like The Cult or Led Zepplin, and we've already written three songs. Some of the musical changes are still being work out, and the lyrics need to be finished, but the project is really starting to come together. I also have a new electronica song that I want to release, but I'm having problems finding a decent mp3 converter.

- D

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