Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
posted 9:05pm
"Get Lamp"
Ever since I've been writing Interactive Fiction I've also been following Get Lamp. It's a documentary about all forms of IF, and the Director has interviewed a lot of big names that helped put all of this together, people from the old commercial days and even some of the newer faces that have popped up in IF over the past 10 years. The interview page is quite extensive. It was also announced around the time I started programming Across The Stars, and with my interests in video, Iíve really been keeping an eye on it. I bought the pre-order the day it was offered.

Now way back at the end of December I missed a general call for IF thatís going to be put on the DVD ROM accompanying the movie, but I contacted Jason at the beginning of the month seeing if he would be interested in having the third release of Across The Stars to go with the movie. He said I had until the middle of the month, so I finished up the game, man there were a lot of little spelling errors, and shipped it off to him. The general call did end by the middle of January, so Iím hoping I just caught him before the final disk went out. I think it would be pretty awesome to have Across The Stars floating around out there as part of a movie package.

I'm pretty excited about it - D

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