Monday, September 13th, 2010
posted 10:53pm
"The Final Frontier"
Things have been busy around here, you blink and a weekís gone. So after finishing Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson - what an amazing read - I plunged into the first Shadowrun series, Secrets of Power, which came out in late 1990. On top of that I found out Iron Maiden came out with another album, The Final Frontier, and just felt that I had to cut a video together for the title track.

The cool thing about Maidenís new album is its space theme. The liner notes are full of some nice celestial shots, and the cover is Eddie malformed into some sort of alien, really awesome stuff. But when I was taking a look at some of the black and white photos in the liner notes it hit me that there was a strong Alien theme going on here, and I mean Alien as in the creature that was designed by H.R. Giger and used in all the Alien movies. After falling in love with the title track, it wasnít a stretch to see it cut the first two Alien movies, and in about a week I pieced the video together which is on the site but also up on YouTube. I figure with it coming out so close to the album maybe I can generate some hits.

LotRO went free to play this weekend so Iíve been messing around with that, and since starting the Shadowrun books Iíve even pulled out my hacked PSP which has Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis running on it. Well of course the power was out, but itís still the best version of Shadowrun out there.

I hope you enjoy the new video - D

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