Earl Grey

Rob Dubbin and Adam Parrish (2009)

Earl Grey is a weird fantasy-based game that I couldnít get into. It uses a puzzle mechanic of putting letters into words in order to change objects. The idea sounds cool on paper, but is beyond me. I'm just not good with these types of things. Go figure, crazy word puzzles that rely on spelling. So to even get through it I'd have to go off the walkthrough, but the thing is so long I don't feel like typing all of it in. At least I did get through the tutorial section of the game, and that was handled well though I'm not sure what I did to the door in order to solve that puzzle.

Iíve decided not to rate this game. It might be good, but the odd setting and impossible wordplay made for something I didnít enjoy at all. Really, itís just not my thing, and I shouldnít bash it because of that. I hope others can make a more informed decision.