The Hangover

Red Conine (2009)

The Hangover. Another poorly implemented Adrift game, but its failures go even beyond Adrift with grammatical mistakes, shallow characters, lack of implementation, and bad game design. Itís big and ambitious, but there are no hints that help guide the player through the game. Itís sprawling nature makes it unplayable.

There are a lot of problems here, so Iím just going to name a few I found before I quit the game. The first one that stood out was how poorly characters are implemented. Like the woman I find on my couch with no recollection of how she got there.

>examine women
The mysterious women on your couch. She seems to be in a deep slumber

>push women
You push, but nothing happens.

>hit women
Women avoids your feeble attempts.

And shouldnít it be woman instead of women? The bum is handle just as poorly and the waitress wasnít even implemented. I couldnít talk to her because she wasnít there!

Then thereís the sprawling game design, where the player feels lost having no idea what to do. Games like this frustrate me because I can spend a half hour or longer just trying to figure things out when Iíd rather be seeing the story unfold. Clear direction is invaluable to a game.

I scored this game a 1. It's playable, but nothing but the bare bones are implemented. Nothing is clued, and I had all sorts of problems interacting with characters, it just feels like the author bit off more than he could chew. This one is broken.